Internet Model Promotion Program

Everyone who's anyone in this industry knows that the key to truly succeeding as an adult model is running a successful online marketing campaign. Standing out from the thousands of other models online, building a following of loyal spenders, and driving revenue from multiple sources through effective internet marketing is crucial if you want to earn BIG bucks.


That's where we come in! We're internet marketing experts, specializing in building brands in the online adult industry.

Let Us Build Your Brand & Maximize Your Income!


While most of our competitors simply establish accounts for models on various sites (something you can do all by yourself quite frankly), we put our skills to work promoting our models all over the Web, building multiple streams of revenue, and maximizing their earnings.


Let us work with you in a true partnership, strategizing together to build the best possible marketing campaign to help you realize your goals - whether you want to earn $2K per month, or $10K!


So you might be asking yourself, "Do I even need help from a model management company? Can't I just sign up directly with the sites I want to work with and still make a terrific income?"


The answer is, of course you don't need to work with a management company and you can certainly sign up directly with sites of your choice and still make decent money. However, by enrolling in our Internet Model Promotion Program, you'll benefit in the following ways:


  • We'll build you your very own membership website - you can use your own domain name and earn 68% of net membership sales (you decide your rates).
  • We'll drive traffic from all over the Web to your membership site. Save countless hours by not having to figure out how to do your own marketing (we've been at it for over 7 years and we're still learning)!
  • We'll help you build your own fan base that will follow you wherever you go. Don't fret losing your fans just because you decide to change sites or stop camming altogether.
  • Generate revenue as an affiliate when YOUR visitors join the webcam site(s) you're performing on. Earn up to 30% (PLUS your normal commission) of what your referrals spend - even if they spend on other models!
  • Direct your traffic to other sites of your choice via links and/or banners on your site and keep 100% of whatever you earn from those visits. We'll even help you find high revenue opportunities that will be a good match for you.
  • We'll help you earn 3x more (on average) in your first year online than you would just camming alone (that's AFTER our revenue share is factored in)! Of course the longer you're at it, the more fans you'll win over and the more you'll earn year after year.
  • Interested in expanding your career into the world of offline adult modeling? We'll work with agents to find you jobs in film and print modeling (glamour, softcore, and hardcore).



How Does It Work Exactly?


We spent a lot of time testing and perfecting our marketing methods and guard them pretty closely. So, while we won't divulge our exact strategies, here is a general overview of the process:


1. Complete the new model registration and select "Yes" when asked if you'd like to enroll in our Internet Model Promotion Program.


Don't want help creating an off-cam fan base with your own membership site, more webcam traffic, and higher earnings by getting promoting on the Web? Select "No" instead and our revenue share will be $0 (i.e. You'll earn the same as if you had signed up directly) and you'll STILL get general marketing advice from a Talent Marketing Consultant as well as access to our camming tips, strategies, and tutorials at no cost. Not a bad deal right?


2. Based on our assessment of your application, we'll create account(s) for you on one or more webcam modeling sites. We know the top sites inside and out and will place you where we feel your earning potential will be the highest!


3. Earn at least $3K in commission performing on cam. This is our qualifier to prove that you're not a quitter and have what it takes to make money as an internet model (if you can't earn $3K in a matter of weeks, you should probably consider another line of work). After all, we're going to be putting a lot of work into building your brand so we need to make sure you're 100% serious.


4. Send us, via a secure file sharing system, at least 10 photosets (each set should contain at least 20 photos) and 5 videos (each video should be at least 5 minutes in duration).


Your photos and videos don't have to be professional quality. In fact, amateur content sells better! You can even use your webcam or mobile phone to record your material. You should appear well lit and not blurry, pixilated, or choppy. Not sure about something? Don't worry! We'll walk you through all the steps of recording, saving, and transferring quality content.


5. We'll add watermarks to your photos and videos plus edit and digitally enhance quality if needed.


6. We'll create your membership site using your photos and videos. An affiliate link to your webcam profile will be included, but you can also request to have additional links and/or banners added to your site (you may want fans to be able to purchase directly from your Amazon Wish List for instance).


This step may take up to 7 business days to complete. Once we're finished, we'll help you customize everything to your liking (changing the color scheme, creating an "About Me" section, posting blog entries, setting your membership rates, etc.).


7. We'll get to work doing what we do best, driving adult traffic to your membership site. Now, not only will you earn commission from performing on cam, you'll also make money when fans purchase memberships and may earn additional income when they click through your links/banners. You can also charge for private messaging and performing webcam shows, right from your own site!


8. Send us new content and add new blog entries on a regular basis. This will help keep things fresh for your members and reduce membership cancelations.



This Program Might Be Right for You If:


  • You're ambitious with a drive for success.
  • You can spend at least a couple of hours each week devoted to taking photos, recording videos, messaging fans, and writing blog entries.
  • You don't mind working with a marketing consultant regularly (via IM and/or telephone) to share ideas, improve your content, enhance your performance skills, and build your online brand.
  • You want to branch out from webcam modeling and earn money from multiple revenue streams.
  • You want to quit camming one day and earn a passive income.
  • Your goal is to ultimately earn $10K or more each month.
  • You want to build a fan base of your own that will follow you regardless of where you're performing.
  • You're comfortable with your content appearing online.



This Program Might Be Wrong for You If:


  • You have no desire to perform online outside of webcam modeling.
  • You're OK earning less if that means doing less work.
  • You just don't have the time to produce content or receive consultations.
  • You're very familiar with internet marketing in the adult niche and want to spend time promoting yourself.
  • The risk of your content being discovered online isn't worth any amount of money.



Frequently Asked Questions


Costs & Commissions

  • What does it cost to enroll?

    The Internet Model Promotion Program is free to join. There are no setup costs or hidden fees. Like most model management firms, we're paid by way of revenue sharing with models whom we promote.

  • What are the specifics of the rev share agreement?

    As long as you're enrolled in the Internet Model Promotion Program, rev share (your share followed by our share) is as follows:


    Webcamming Net Revenue: 90/10


    Membership Site Net (after 10% is deducted for payment processing) Revenue: 68/32


    Here's how our rev share would affect your webcamming earnings:


    Let's say we create an account for you on a webcam site that pays 5¢/token after their split. If you were enrolled in our Internet Model Promotion Program, you would take home 4.5¢/token (.05 × .90) after our share, .05¢ was deducted.


    If you were not enrolled in the program, you wouldn't be subject to revenue sharing with us and you'd take home the entire 5¢/token.


    Here's how our rev share would affect your membership site earnings:


    If in a given month your members spent $500, we would split $450 after 10% was deducted for payment processing fees. Of the $450, you would take home $306 (450 × .68) after our share, $144 was deducted.

  • How will I earn more if I share my commission with you?

    On average, models we promote earn 3x more in their first year than models who only perform on webcam. While a webcam model earns all their commission from camming, we'll work with you 1-on-1 to generate additional revenue the following ways:


    • Make money as an affiliate - earn up to 30% more commission when a fan you found online signs up and spends on the webcam site you're performing on. You'll also earn up to 30% of whatever they spend on other models.

      Just imagine if you referred a whale to the network who spends $100K/year (it happens a lot more often than you may think) - you could earn $30K in commission for doing nothing and a lot more if he spent that on you!
    • Earn commission every time a new fan joins your membership site and every time his credit card is charged for another month - if you set your rate to $19.99/month and a fan keeps his membership active for a year, you'd earn about $163. How much would you earn if you had 100 or even 500 active members?
    • Get spoiled by fans when they purchase items off your Amazon Wish List. Have your eye on some new outfits or even a new computer?
    • Get paid when your fans click through to your other offers and make purchases on those sites. We'll show you which other sites you should link to if you want to make a boat load of extra cash!


    When you look at the big picture, the revenue you share with us is a very small investment for building up your brand online. Revenue sharing also guarantees that we don't make any money unless you do - so you can be assured we'll bust our butts putting all of the skills we've learned over the years to use maximizing your income and return on investment.

  • Do I still have to share my commission if I only want to perform on webcam?

    No, revenue sharing only applies to models enrolled in the Internet Model Promotion Program. If you're only interested in performing on webcam and not benefiting from multiple revenue streams, we'll pay you the same rate as you'd earn if you had signed up with the webcam site directly.


    For instance, if we create an account for you on a site that pays 5¢/token to models who sign up directly, we'll pay you 5¢/token - exactly the same rate.


    The best part is, you'll still be eligible for free general marketing advice from a Talent Marketing Consultant as well as access to our camming tips, strategies, and tutorials. Sure, we won't earn any commission managing your account, but we'll benefit when you tell every open minded person you know about this great opportunity!


  • Who can enroll?

    We're currently offering our Internet Model Promotion Program to girls, guys, couples (f/f, f/m, m/m), and transgender webcam models.

  • Do I have to show my face?

    Yes, you must at least show your face while webcamming and in content that's posted to your membership site. The reason most big spenders pay for private shows and join model membership sites is because they're more interested in "the girl/boyfriend experience" than just seeing some naughty content. They're paying for the feeling of truly getting to know you and building a real relationship (even if you both know it's really just a fantasy) and they won't feel that way if they can't see your face.

  • What do I need to be eliglbe for this program?

    You'll need equipment capable of producing quality content for your membership site (webcam, DSLR, camcorder, IPAD, mobile phone, etc.). Studio lighting is also highly recommended - you can purchase a good starting setup for under $100.

  • How often do I have to submit new content?

    Though you don't have to produce new content to keep your account active, we do require at least 3 new photosets (each set should contain at least 10 photos) and 2 new videos (each video should be at least 5 minutes in duration) each month to continue actively promoting you.

  • What is a photoset?

    A photoset is a group of photos with a similar theme. Typically, you'd be wearing the same outfit or be in the same location in a photoset.


    For instance, you might have a photoset consisting of 20 photos of you stripping out of your black garter belt and stockings while laying on your bed. You might produce another photoset of you wearing a t-shirt and panties out by the pool.


    Remember, your Talent Marketing Consultant will always be avaible if you need ideas!

  • What quality photos and videos are acceptable?

    Your photos and videos don't have to be professional quality. In fact, we prefer that your content appear to be amateurish. However, your photos and videos should still be high quality since customers are much less likely to be happy with low quality content.


    Photos and videos that are under/overexposed, pixilated, grainy, blurry, choppy, etc. will be rejected.

  • How can I record new videos for my site?

    You can record videos using a camcorder, DSLR with video recording capabilities, IPAD, or any other device capable of recording at least 5 minutes of video. You can even upload content directly to your site from your webcam or mobile phone.

  • Why is adding new content on a regular basis so important?

    Many of your members will be billed automatically each month with the option to cancel their subscription at any time. Constantly adding new content will give them a reason to keep their membership active.


    Let's look at two examples of membership sites with a monthly fee of $19.99, but different rebill ratios:


    1. Site 1 - each month, 20 new members sign up and 60% of active members cancel their subscriptions.

      After 6 months, Site 1 grosses about $3,556.
    2. Site 2 - each month, 20 new members sign up and 20% of active members cancel their subscriptions.

      After 6 month, Site 2 grosses about $6,094.

    As you can see from the examples above, a high rate of rebills is KEY to earning a lot of money from a membership site and that's why it's so important that you add new content as often as possible.

Membership Site Features

  • What features will be included with my site?

    Your membership site will include the following features:


    • Geo-Blocking - block traffic from specific countries, regions, cities, and even IP addresses.
    • Photo Galleries - easily organize your photos from your phone or computer.
    • HD Video - offer more value to your members with high definition videos.
    • Webcam Recording - record new videos right from your webcam.
    • Live Shows - keep members active by offering frequent live shows, just for them.
    • Private Messaging - make your members feel special by interacting with them via private IM. Include photos and video plus decide whether messages are free or for a fee!
    • Events Calendar - let your fans know what you're up to or when you'll be doing something special in the future.
    • Blog - share your fantasies, stories, or just updates about your life. Add photos and videos to posts and decide whether they are available to the public or members only.
    • Social Integration - automatically add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr posts to your site.


    The following features are coming soon:


    • Sell Your Stuff - sell clothing, toys, DVDs, baked goods, or anything else directly from you site.
    • Multi-Language - translate your site into Deutsch, Español, Français, or Italiano.
    • Affiliate Program - drive even more traffic by allowing affiliates to promote your site.
  • Can I change my site's design later?

    You can customize and make changes to your site's appearance at any time.

  • Can I direct my traffic to outside offers?

    Yes, we can add any links or banners you'd like to use to direct your traffic to external offers. Want to send fans to your Amazon Wish List or video clip store? Not a problem!

  • Can I use my own domain?

    Absolutely, purchasing your own domain is highly recommended. Your site will be hosted on our domain, but we can use your domain in all of your marketing material - that way, if you decide to quit one day, you can take YOUR traffic with you!

  • Can I perform live shows?

    Yes! You can schedule live shows for your members and allow users to view a live show countdown incentivizing them to join. During your shows, you'll be able to see who's in your chat room, participate in chat, or just read messages and reply using audio only.


    Each live show will be recorded automatically and you can choose whether or not to publish it to your site. Currently, live shows are free for members. Paid shows and tips are coming soon.

  • Can I block users from certain areas from viewing my site?

    Yes, you'll have the ability to block countries, regions, cities, and evens specific IP addresses using geo management controls. You can also whitelist certain IP addresses so users in blocked areas can still access your content.

  • Can I upload content directly to my site?

    Yes, if you find it easier to do so, you can upload images and video right from your webcam or mobile phone. We would prefer your content me sent to us first however so that we can optimize it by adding watermarks, making edits, and enhancing the quality if necessary.

  • Are there any upload or storage limits?

    No, your site can feature an unlimited number of photos and videos. We recommend uploading as many as possible to add value and maximize your rebill rate.

Contract & Ownership

  • Are there any monthly fees?

    There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. Our promotion service charges are derived through revenue sharing - that means we only make money when you do!

  • Who owns the photos and videos I send to you?

    You retain ownership rights to all of your content. However, if you'd like us to use some of your content to promote you (recommended), you must complete a model release to grant us license to use it for marketing purposes.

  • How long will you continue to promote me?

    We'll promote you indefinitely, so long as your webcam account is active and you provide us with new content at least once per month.

  • Are there any restrictions as to what other offers I can promote with my site?

    No, you're free to add links and/or banners to any offers you choose. We'll even help you find offers and programs that will be a good match for you.

  • What if I want to quit?

    You can quit at any time and we'll immediately deactivate your webcamming account(s) and close your site to new members.


    To avoid chargebacks and loss of revenue, your active members must retain access to your site and materials. Once their subscriptions end, your site will be shut down permanently.


Have more questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to fill in any blanks.