Before this job, I was a full-time office assistant earning $12/hr. Now I'm averaging $50 to $75/hr working part-time. The BEST part is, I get to be a stay-at-home mom now...AND I don't have to pay for expensive childcare or gas! Even though I started off kind of shy, this has become the perfect job for me. Thanx a bunch!

- Betty Klein, IOWA


I lost my job and almost everything else when the economy took a turn for the worse. I was pretty shy but got over it to put bread on the table and man did I ever! Had I known I could make $6K/month working part-time from home, I would've quit my 9 to 5 job long before I got laid off.

- Miss Precious, OK


My wife and I have been webcam modeling as a couple for almost 5 months now and have made quite a bit of money doing what we were born to do anyways. LOL. We worked with another company before coming here and the chat environment and management is like night and day.

- Andrew & Talia B, FL


Thank you for all the support even though I decided that being in the spotlight wasn't for me. Love the affiliate program though and have already made some cash recruiting my own models.

- Richard Pena, PA


All I can say is Wowza! Just got my 3rd payout today in the amount of $2,058. Really not too shabby for a newbie working two weeks here and there. Can't wait to put in more hours when my son goes back to school!

- Lois P, Niles, MI


Before I started with you guys, my studio was barely making ends meet. I had no idea how to find models, let alone quality models. With 5 Points' guidance I was able to see the light! Now we're on fire and truly making some good money. I'd like to thank my models too for all their support =)

- Red V Entertainment


It's very refreshing to work with an honest, non-sleazy adult modeling company. I can't even tell you how nice it is not to be hit on by my manager or get jipped out of my money! Thanks 5 Points!

- Brittany J, San Jose, CA


Nothing like having a job that makes great money that I actually enjoy. I had some problems getting my cam working at first but [my Talent Executive] was there whenever I needed to bug her!

- Fenton, London, UK


I had a blast at my photo shoot. Everyone there was professional and courteous. It was my first time and they made me feel totally comfortable. Looking forward to getting some bookings!

- Nancy C, Irvine, CA


I've been working with this company for over 2 years now, and never once have I had issues with receiving my full payouts. I appreciate a company I can count on.

- Tatonya T, OH


I just want to thank [my Talent Executive] for all his hard work. He was always there when I had questions or wanted some feedback.

- Hannah Hilton, NM


Great support. Friendly staff. Awesome money. That about sums it up!

- Gina K, St. Cloud, FL