Required Equipment

Unless you'll be performing from one of our studios, you'll need at least the following equipment to get started.






  • At least a 400MHz processor and 256Mb of RAM
  • Sound Card
  • No software required for Mac users!






or (recommended)...





  • Camcorder with Osprey 200 or higher capture card; or,
  • MiniDV camcorder with streaming capabilities and FireWire out
  • Most models and customers prefer camcorders because they stream much faster and offer higher quality video than USB webcams
  • TrackerCam's DVDriver software will allow your MiniDV camcorder to stream as a webcam






High Speed Internet



  • DSL, cable or other high speed internet connection with at least 3.0Mbps uplink of broadband
  • Check out this tutorial to learn how to run an accurate internet speed test.






  • Standard studio or Halogen lighting
  • Studio lighting gets very hot and can cause fire if used improperly
  • For your safety, always stand /hook /clip work lights on stable objects and follow all safety instructions during your performances